Sharon Maxwell, a fat woman, is sitting in front of a black and white spotted wall. She is smiling. She has red, curly hair and is wearing a iridescent shirt with maroon and red hues.

Sharon Maxwell

Practice Manager


Hi, I’m Sharon Maxwell (she/her), and I’m your Practice Manager. I will often be the first person you connect with at Eating Disorder Therapy LA, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Formerly a middle school English teacher, I decided to leave the classroom to go back to school to pursue becoming a therapist. During my transition back to higher education, I began advocating through my social media platforms and public speaking engagements to fight the stigma around mental illness and eating disorder recovery. Through a Health at Every Size and anti-diet lens, I am passionate about sharing my story and helping folks see that pursuing peace with their body and their relationship with food is possible.

In my work outside of EDTLA, I offer weight inclusive consulting to clinicians, treatment centers and healthcare providers. I believe in a world where those living in marginalized bodies are able to access safe care, and I am motivated to help healthcare and eating disorder treatment become those safe spaces.

When I’m not working or studying, I am often exploring the beauty of San Diego with my pup, Mia. I enjoy spending time with my friends, singing and dancing, making art and traveling.

Pursuing recovery from an eating disorder or any mental illness can feel like a daunting and difficult task, and I firmly believe recovery is possible. I am here to help make your experience with EDTLA as smooth as possible, as you take the next step on your healing journey.

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