Nutritional Counseling for Eating Disorders

Katherine Grubiak works with adults, adolescents, and families and provides nutritional counseling for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other forms of disordered eating. She follows a Health At Every Size approach, meaning she respects diversity in body size and shape and focuses on healthy behaviors versus weight.

nutritional counseling for eating disordersMs. Grubiak’s approach to nutritional counseling for eating disorders is very individualized but based on underlying themes of exploration, expansion of diet, and evolution of health. She considers the whole person including detailed personal and family history of eating, medical diagnoses and lab work, and personal eating styles and goals. Her treatment approach is consistent with evidence-based CBT and FBT principals to maintain consistency in the therapeutic process while working with our therapists.

For clients early in recovery, she may provide a structured meal plan approach at first with the goal of moving toward intuitive eating when ready. If a client was released from a treatment center with a specific structured meal plan, she will begin there to ensure a feeling of safety with the goal of increasing flexibility. Ms. Grubiak reviews food records and digital photos of meals and snacks before and after eaten as methods for accountability and further guidance. To provide continuity of care, she is committed to frequent communication with other providers on the treatment team. She has a nurturing coaching style so that clients and their families feel supported fully and completely on this road to recovery.

Ms. Grubiak is one of a very few dietitians in Los Angeles who is trained in Family-Based Treatment (FBT). She is available to consult with parents during Phase 1 and frequently works with adolescents and young adults as they are transitioning to independent eating during the end of Phase 2. She also has been a tremendous support to several young adult clients as they transition to college. Ms. Grubiak provides telehealth services on a HIPAA-compliant platform, Fruit Street.

Nutritional Counseling for Eating Disorders Services Offered:

Ms. Grubiak is an independent contractor at EDTLA and does her own scheduling. You can reach her at or dial 323-743-1122 extension 3.