Rules for Virtual Meal Support Group

This is a meal support group and not a therapy group.

By attending this group, I agree to the following:

  1. I will test my equipment and get on the call about 2 minutes prior to ensure there are no connection issues.
  2. I will join the group on time to avoid disrupting other members.
  3. I will be seated in a private space and a quiet room to reduce the likelihood of being disturbed. Headphones are recommended for enhanced privacy for all.
  4. I will enable my video camera so the group can see my face and that I am eating.
  5. I will respect confidentiality and what is said in the group by other group members will not be shared outside.
  6. I will turn off notifications and anything else that can be distracting.
  7. I am here voluntarily, even if other members of my team have recommended I attend.
  8. I am here to support my recovery from my eating disorder.
  9. I am responsible for ensuring my meal or snack meets the need of my meal plan. The group facilitator is here to provide support and encouragement.
  10. I understand this is not therapy and does not replace the need for a treatment team.
  11. I agree to hold EDTLA harmless for any adverse effects I may experience because of my participation.
  12. I will show respect for all group members and facilitators and will not make negative comments toward any group member.
  13. I will not judge any other group members’ food choices.
  14. I will not discuss nutritional information, calories, weight, or other numbers.
  15. The group facilitator may provide a warning and then remove any group member who is unable to follow the group rules.
  16. If I am struggling, I may message the group facilitator.
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