Eating Disorder Therapy

Therapy for Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, and Body Image Issues

You’re probably here because you or someone you care about has an eating disorder. It can feel overwhelming and you don’t know where to start to get help. We’re sorry that you need to be here. But we are here to tell you that help is available.

Help For A Teen With an Eating Disorder

Are you worried about your teen’s eating? Has he or she lost weight? Are you feeling scared? Maybe your teen is worried about their weight and has become more reclusive. You think Family-based treatment for teen eating disorders in Los Angeles, California online or virtual [Photo description: drawing of a teen sitting at the dinner table and her parents are seated on either side. her brother and a dog are present. Her parents look very loving and supportive] Depicts a potential family receiving Family-Based Treatment in Californiasomething is going on but are not sure. Perhaps your teen is receiving eating disorder treatment that excludes you and you want to play a more active role. Maybe other treatments haven’t helped. We can help you help your teen with an eating disorder heal and become a healthy independent young adult who can go about the business of building his or her life. Our owner, Dr. Muhlheim wrote, “When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder: Practical Strategies to Help Your Teen Recover from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating,” New Harbinger, 2018. This book is based on family-based treatment (FBT), the leading treatment for children and teens with eating disorders.

Help For Adults With Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Or maybe you are stuck in a cycle of dieting, bingeing, purging, or overexercising and having trouble figuring out how to stop. Maybe you are a female whose period has gone missing and you don’t understand why. Are you preoccupied with food? Ashamed about your eating? Hating your body? We can help you break the cycle, get your period back, achieve peace with food and your body, and restore your life. One of the first things we’ll look at together is whether you’re truly eating enough. This goes for people in larger bodies as well as smaller bodies.

We Provide Counseling For All Eating Disorders

Binge Eating Disorder Therapy In Los Angeles, California [Image description: drawing of two adults in therapy chairs representing a potential adult seeking therapy for bulimia nervosa in Los Angeles, CA]We treat all eating disorders, all genders, and ages 10 and up. Eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, avoidant restrictive intake disorder (ARFID), orthorexia (not an official diagnosis), and binge eating disorder (BED), are serious disorders that are associated with numerous medical problems. When we see you for an eating disorder we also recommend you see a physician. The Academy for Eating Disorders has published guidelines for medical doctors treating eating disorders. You can download these guidelines and bring them to your medical doctor if he/she is not an eating disorder specialist. If additional services are needed we can provide some referrals to other professionals.

We provide services at the outpatient level of care. This may be a good place to start if you have not had treatment before and are medically stable and are able to eat on your own or with support of family, friends, and loved ones. It can also be appropriate for a teen with a more serious eating disorder whose parents are able to supervise all meals. It can also be appropriate after you have done a higher level of care such as residential, PHP, or IOP.

Sometimes you may come to see us and we may tell you that you need more intensive treatment than we can provide. If we determine that you or a family member need a higher level of care, we will provide referrals. We maintain connections to many different treatment centers locally as well as nationwide. We can also help you find a dietitian to work alongside us.

Eating Disorder Therapy LA provides cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to adults and older adolescents with eating disorders and family-based treatment (Maudsley model) to children and teens with eating disorders.

Learn More About Our Specific Eating Disorder Services

Get Help For An Eating Disorder–In Our Office in Los Angeles and Virtually Throughout California

Please know that you do not have to struggle alone. Counseling can help restore a healthy relationship to food and the body. Our Los Angeles, California practice has caring therapists who specialize in the treatment of all eating disorders. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Eating Disorder Therapy LA
  2. Complete our expedited contact form or email or call us
  3. Begin the road to eating disorder recovery.

Illustrated image of multiple dancers of various body shapes, sizes and abilities with the text "Inclusive Recovery" underneath. Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA and online eating disorder treatment throughout the state of California including Modesto, Bakersfield, Napa, Palm Springs, and beyond!

Other Counseling Services at Eating Disorder Therapy LA

At Eating Disorder Therapy LA, we also provide counseling for swallowing, choking, and vomiting phobias as well as anxiety and depression.


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