Our Non-Diet Approach

Many people come to us hoping for help with weight loss and waiting for their lives to start. However, we are frank that we do not promote the pursuit of weight loss as a goal. We believe that bodies will regulate themselves at whatever weight they need to be. At Eating Disorder Therapy LA, we recognize and celebrate that bodies naturally come in all shapes and sizes. We value diversity.

Eating disorders are of course, complex, but are often triggered by dieting. Diet failure can also lead to weight cycling: alternating periods of weight loss and weight gain. Weight cycling has been shown to lead to psychological and health problems. In addition, it can lead to reduced metabolic energy expenditure, which makes regain more likely.

We follow a Health at Every Size® (HAES) approach. A HAES approach allows you to trust your body to maintain the body size and shape that is right for you. We focus on creating and maintaining healthy behaviors including flexible eating and enjoyable movement. We follow a non-diet approach in which all foods are allowed. We work with our patients on challenging weight stigma (both their own internalized and in the larger community) and standing up to diet culture. We help our patients to improve body image, to live full lives whatever their size, and to seek respectful care from other professionals. Learn more about our non-diet approach.

We find that many people anticipate that they cannot possibly feel better unless they lose weight. However, the majority of those who go through a full course of treatment make significant improvements in their eating behaviors and are surprised at how much better they are able to feel even without weight loss.