Low-Cost Eating Disorder Therapy In California

Affordable Eating Disorder Therapy in Los Angeles, California

We know how hard it is to find affordable eating disorder counseling. Many eating disorder therapists at the outpatient level do not accept insurance. Costs of therapy can be a barrier for many who need it. How can you focus on getting better when you can’t get the support you need?Low-cost Eating Disorder Therapy in California [Image description: purple scrabble tiles spelling "Low-cost Eating Disorder Therapy']

Effective outpatient therapy can sometimes help eliminate the need for treatment at higher levels of care, which are even more expensive. At Eating Disorder Therapy LA, we aim to make evidence-based treatment available to more people who need it. Therefore, we have contracted with several commercial and Medicaid insurance plans. Please review our insurance page to learn more about which insurance plans we accept.

How Much Does Eating Disorder Therapy in California Cost?

If your insurance is not accepted, we have therapists providing services at a range of price points based on degree and level of experience. Even if we do not accept your insurance, you may get partial reimbursement for counseling. We can provide a superbill —a specific document required by an insurance company — that allows you to seek partial reimbursement for an out-of-network provider. For full information about the cost of our psychotherapy services, please see our Fees and Insurance page.

Low-Cost Eating Disorder Therapy With Our Graduate Externs

Psychotherapy counseling fees in Los Angeles, California [Image description: drawing of money sitting on a lavender table] Represents the cost of psychotherapy sessions in Los Angeles, California

For those people needing a lower fee option, we have low-cost therapy available with our graduate externs. Our externs provide individual therapy both in-person in our office in Los Angeles as well as online with people throughout California.

We select graduate student externs to complete a ten to eleven-month clinical rotation in our practice. Every student receives intensive training and supervision from our practice owner, Dr. Muhlheim, and other psychologists at our practice. Via our agreements with several graduate schools in clinical psychology in Los Angeles, every year we accept two predoctoral graduate students in clinical psychology.

How Much Does Low-Fee Therapy for Eating Disorders Cost?

$60 per session

Two Pro-Bono Therapy Spots Per Year

Eating Disorder Therapy LA pro bono treatment through Project Heal in CaliforniaOur externs also provide therapy for free to two Project Heal Treatment Access Grant recipients per year (up to 18 sessions). We are proud to be a member of the Project Heal Healer’s Circle.  To inquire about these grants, contact Project Heal.

Which Eating Disorders Do the Externs Treat?

The externs provide counseling for adults with bulimia, binge eating disorder, atypical anorexia, ARFID, and disordered eating. They sometimes work with adults with anorexia who are not weight suppressed. Based on experience and training, our externs sometimes also work with teens with various eating disorders.

How Do I Qualify for Low-Cost Therapy at EDTLA?

Our low-fee spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis at the beginning of each extern year, usually in September and for the several months after that. We do not require any documentation of financial need for our low-cost eating disorder counseling slots.Training eating disorder staff and graduate students in eating disorder therapy in Los Angeles, California

We do, however, require a clinical screening for appropriateness for these spots. Our graduate students receive training in several different therapies for eating disorders including CBT, FBT, and CBT-AR. As such, we aim to ensure that prospective low-cost eating disorder clients are appropriate for one of these therapies as well as suitable for individual outpatient psychotherapy.

Get Low-Cost Therapy for Eating Disorders in California Now

To request low-fee therapy, please complete this form (and put Psychology Extern) under “Requested Clinician.”

Learn more about our current eating disorder psychology externs.

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