Transformational Therapeutic Movement/Yoga Group
This group or individual session will meet to explore movement, sense of smell and breath to awaken the mind, body, and spirit. Katie will guide individuals through mindfulness and movement and breath techniques that gradually open and warm the body and increase physical and emotional flexibility, strength, and self-acceptance/body image. The movement will be conducted in a lead-follow manner supported by music with moments of self-exploration of movement, breathing exercises, and stillness. Essential oils will be diffused in class to support relaxation and individual oils will be used to support certain movements and positions. The class will end with an optional massage of coconut oil on feet or hands as a gesture of giving and receiving. All touch and receiving of oils is optional. Katie is sensitive to each participant’s physical and emotional needs. Because the instructor is also a Registered Dietitian, the overall theme of the class is nourishment to all aspects of self. There is also the option of individual sessions in the office or home.

icon-groupsNutritional Balance Group
This group will meet on a weekly basis to provide education on the importance of nutrition for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. The group will focus on sound nutritional science as well as practical culinary skills in a non-dieting/intuitive eating/mindful eating approach. It will allow individuals in a group setting to explore the definition of “nutritional balance” with the goal of expansion of flexibility. Participation in the form of questions, sharing individual experience, preparing meals and snacks, and eating together is encouraged and supported.

Typically a normal dose of 10mg is prescribed to the majority of patients. The impacts of the medication can endure up to 36 hours, so that you may delight in the impacts of the medication for over 1 day. Patients are sure to take note of certain information regarding the use of drug prior to taking Cialis. CIALIS-HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DRUG

Family/Caregiver Support Group
The family/caregiver support group uses principles from the Maudsley family based treatment (FBT) that empowers parents to take charge of refeeding their eating disordered adolescent or young adult. The parent family group focuses on psychoeducation regarding eating disorders; it coaches parents in refeeding strategies; teaches relaxation exercises for themselves and their adolescents; teaches problem solving techniques; and provides emotional and strategic support for families as they learn how to effectively manage this very difficult process.