Late spring 2015 LACPA Eating Disorder SIG meetings

Tuesday, April 14 6:30 pm

Presenter:  Stephanie Knatz, Ph.D.

Stephanie Knatz, Ph.D.
Stephanie Knatz, Ph.D.

Title:  Using neurobiology to improve treatment for anorexia

This presentation will focus on providing a brief overview of the neurobiology underlying anorexia and present new treatment methods developed and used to target the underlying neurobiology.

Location:  The office of Dr. Lauren Muhlheim (4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000, Los Angeles) – free parking in the lot (enter on Highland)

Bio: Dr. Stephanie Knatz is a clinical psychologist and program director for the Intensive Family Treatment Programs at the UCSD Eating Disorders Treatment and Research Center. Alongside colleagues at UCSD, Dr. Knatz is responsible for UCSD’s treatment development initiative to translate contemporary neurobiological findings into applied clinical treatment models. Through this initiative, Dr. Knatz and others at UCSD are in the process of developing a neurobiological framework for the treatment of anorexia. Dr. Knatz is currently overseeing the development, testing and implementation of a novel clinical treatment program for adults with anorexia and their family members, which integrates novel treatment strategies developed at the clinic. In addition to her clinical research, she also directs UCSD’s Intensive Family Treatment Program (IFT), a family-based treatment program for adolescents with eating disorders.

Thursday, May 14 7:00 pm

Jaeline Jaffe, Ph.D., LMFT 
Jaeline Jaffe, Ph.D., LMFT 

Presenter:  Jaeline Jaffe, Ph.D., LMFT 

Title:  What Eating Disorder Clinicians Need to Know About Misophonia 

This presentation will discuss the condition called Misophonia (or 4S – Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome), what is known about it at the present time, what theories might explain the condition, how it often relates to OCD, and how it might also relate to eating disorders. Included will be some tools and strategies that are often very helpful with misophonia patients, which might also be useful for ED clinicians. Following the presentation, there will be time for discussion and group-think to explore the possible applications of this information in working with ED patients.

Jaelline Jaffe, PhD, is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in practice since 1976. Over the past several years, she has developed a sub-specialization in working with the emotional aspects of medical conditions, including Tinnitus and Misophonia. She has presented at all the Misophonia Conferences ever held to date (three International Conferences for Audiologists, and two for patients and families, with the third one coming in October), and is working with probably more misophonia patients, both in-state and across the country, than any other therapist. Using CBT and DBT, she works in person or online to help patients manage the stress of their medical conditions, learn coping strategies, and improve the quality of their personal and family relationships.

Location:  LACPA Office, 17277 Ventura Blvd., #202, Encino, CA  91316, (At the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Louise)  Entrance is in the back of the strip mall and there is free parking in the lot after 5 pm

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