EMDR for Eating Disorders

EMDR for Eating Disorders [close up of an eye]

By Runjhun Pandit, LPCC EMDR….Sounds scary. EMDR therapy, these acronyms make it sound like a scary treatment intervention. And oftentimes, when I mention this to my clients, they feel scared or confused. They do have questions about how it works and how it is different from hypnosis. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a …

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What’s in Your Soothing/Coping Kit?

Coping Skills Tool Box

Clockwise starting at left: adult coloring book and colored pencils, Kinetic Sand (in purple), Enso Buddha Board, scented candle (my favorite—Thymes Kimono Rose), Spek magnetic balls (in purple), good old fashioned Silly Putty, The Squeeze Aromatherapy Dough (in Lavender).   We all deal with stress and have to find ways to cope with a range …

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Coping With Anxiety During Anxious Times

Anxiety During Anxious Times in Los Angeles, California [Image description: image of the back of a person looking at a calm body of water] Represents a person getting counseling for anxiety in Los Angeles, California

by Carolyn Comas, LCSW, CEDS-S With the global COVID-19 pandemic shutting down not only towns and states but entire countries, our world has entered into an abnormal time. The lives of everyone have been interrupted and disrupted by a virus that can have devastating effects. During this time many people are reporting feeling levels of …

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