An EDTLA Origin Story

History of Eating Disorder Therapy LA

In August 2014, a Los Angeles psychologist who was in the process of taking the licensing exam reached out to me and asked to schedule a meeting. She was interested in pursuing more training and work in the field of eating disorders. We met and there was an immediate recognition that we were aligned. She practiced in the same way I did and had a passion for evidence-based treatment of eating disorders. We discovered we even used all the same patient education materials. And she was an early proponent of Health at Every Size®. She wanted to know if she could work with me in my practice, but I had no plan to start a group practice. I told this therapist—Dr. Elisha Carcieri—to keep in touch as she completed her licensing.

The History of Eating Disorder Therapy LA [Image description: photos of 2 dark-haired women wearing t-shirts with Eating Disorder Therapy LA and the logo on the shirt; Dr. Carcieri is pregnant]
Dr. Muhlheim and Dr. Carcieri [with baby bump] in 2015 with EDTLA t-shirts
But I was intrigued, and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with such a capable colleague. So the wheels started to turn. Very soon, I decided to start a group so I could hire her. In December I emailed her back, “I’m starting to think about expanding my practice if you are at all interested… .” And in December 2014, the seeds of Eating Disorder Therapy LA were planted.

It took time to bloom—because of various family obligations and credentialing issues, Dr. Carcieri finally joined the practice in October 2015. She was well-liked by patients and colleagues alike and we worked really well together, collaborating on other projects as well.

Dr. Carcieri Left in 2016

After a year and a half with EDTLA, her family moved to South Carolina. Subsequently, Dr. Carcieri had to leave the practice. Since then, we have continued to grow and add wonderful new colleagues, but I grieved the loss of the colleague who was there at the beginning.

Dr. Carcieri Returned in 2020

Fast forward to 2020 and the growth of telehealth. I am really excited to share that Dr. Elisha Carcieri is back—joining us via telehealth and will be seeing California patients. She primarily sees California clients with eating disorders during the early morning hours Pacific time.

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