FREE Virtual Adult ARFID Support Group for people in California

Our FREE Adult ARFID Support Group is currently running and ongoing as of Oct 2023.

We have been running for 2.5 years.

Group WILL NOT Meet on

  • Thursday, October 26, 2023.
  • Thursday, November, 2023

Group conflicts are always listed here. Any Thursdays not noted here, the group is on!

ARFID Adult Support Group MeetingsFree ARFID Adult Support Group Online in California [Image description: purple scrabble tiles that spell "Free ARFID Adult Support Group"]

This group is ongoing (since March 2021) and is held online on Thursday evenings, 5 to 6 pm. Other than the conflict dates noted above, the group continues to meet EVERY Thursday at 5 pm over Zoom–unless we notify you otherwise. Contact for the Zoom link.

Who is the ARFID Adult Support Group For?

The group is open to adults with ARFID anywhere in California, ages 18 and up.

We are seeing more and more need for treatment for Avoidant Restrictive Intake Disorder (ARFID). We have noticed that adults with ARFID have struggled with it for many years without treatment–or in many cases–without a diagnosis.

The patients we see with ARFID are usually relieved to find a treatment that is tailored to them. They report not knowing other people with ARFID and not having people in their lives who understand what it is like to live with ARFID. They report feeling like they don’t fit in in other eating disorder recovery and support spaces. It is for this reason, that Dr. Muhlheim started this support group in 2021.

What Happens During the ARFID Adult Support Group?

Each week, Dr. Muhlheim provides education and members share struggles and wins in living with ARFID.

Here are some themes we’ve discussed:

  • Psychoeducation about ARFID including the different types of ARFID and how one develops ARFID
  • How people with ARFID struggle in general eating disorder spaces
  • The shame experienced in eating “kids’ foods” or foods vilified by diet culture
  • How diet culture affects people with ARFID
  • Struggles in eating out and travel
  • Favorite ARFID foods (there are surprising commonalities)
  • Exposure strategies
  • Chaining
  • How to help other people understand your ARFID
  • How to get work accommodations for ARFID
  • Helpful medications
  • ARFID resources

So, here we have it, a space just for adults with ARFID. Come for support and education.

Free ARFID Adult Support Group for people in California [Image description: jpeg flyer advertising "Free Virtual Adult ARFID Support Group. Open to people in California, Thursdays, 5 to 6 pm. Email or call 323-743-1122 before attending."]To Join our FREE ARFID Adult Group

Call 323-743-1122 or email to reserve a spot.

Learn More About Our Other Services for ARFID

Several of our clinicians have several years of experience in treating ARFID and have undergone training in CBT-AR with Drs Thomas and Eddy, the developers of CBT-AR. We provide therapy for ARFID –including adults with ARFID and family therapy for teens and children with ARFID.


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