Meet Eating Disorder Therapy LA’s Postdoctoral Fellows

Eating Disorder Therapy LA provides training and supervision to prelicensed psychologists pursuing licensure in the state of California. Our postdoctoral fellows serve as part- or full-time employee therapists. Under the supervision of our licensed psychologists, they provide individual, group, and family therapy.

Our postdoctoral fellows are supervised by Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., CEDS-S, and Elisha Carcieri, Ph.D. Over a one- to two-year course of accruing hours for licensure, they receive immersion in an anti-diet Health at Every Size® approach. Postdoctoral fellows receive extensive training in evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, including Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E), Family-Based Treatment (FBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for ARFID (CBT-AR). Fellows provide outpatient therapy for clients with a full range of eating disorders. Fellows receive weekly supervision, attend our bi-weekly staff meetings and didactic training, and have opportunities for additional training through the practice.

Meet Our Current Postdoctoral Fellows 2023-2024

Kristine Flanigan, Psy.D. [Image description: photo of a white woman with medium length light brown hair smiling]Kristine Flanigan, Psy.D. has over five years of experience working across all levels of care with multiple eating disorder treatment centers. She incorporates CBT and DBT as well as other modalities. Prior to her work in mental health, Dr. Flanigan worked in the fashion industry. She is the President of the Central Coast Chapter of the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) board.

At Eating Disorder Therapy LA, Dr. Flanigan works with adults with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. She sees adults with ARFID and is receiving training in Family-Based Treatment for teen eating disorders. Dr. Flanigan has a passion for working with adults with multiple HLOC episodes. She also provides counseling for trauma. She enjoys working with college students and is currently running our College Process Group. Dr. Flanigan serves as a delegated supervisor and trainer for our graduate student externs.


Fabiana Tantini Psicologo italiano a Los Angeles [photo of Fabiana, an Italian woman]Fabiana Tantini, Ph.D. was a licensed psychologist in Rome before moving to the U.S. In order to gain licensure as a psychologist in the state of California, she must accrue hours working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist as a psychological associate. In Italy, Dr. Tantini worked in a pediatric eating disorder unit of a children’s hospital. She has an extensive background in conducting family therapy.

At Eating Disorder Therapy LA, Dr. Tantini provides therapy in both Italian and English. She sees clients both virtually and in our Los Angeles office. She sees adults, couples, and families and is provides Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Family-Based Treatment. Dr. Tantini works with people with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. She loves to work with Italian expatriates.

Learn More About Our Postdoctoral Training Program in Eating Disorders

Postdoctoral fellows may be employed part- or full-time. They carry individual caseloads and run groups. Fellows receive weekly individual supervision. They participate in staff meetings and receive didactic trainings from senior EDTLA staff members as well as other guided trainings selected for their growth and development.Training eating disorder staff and graduate students in eating disorder therapy in Los Angeles, California [Image description: photo of Dr. Muhlheim using the white board to train other eating disorder therapists]

Apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship Position at Eating Disorder Therapy LA

Due to high demand for our unique services, we are often looking for new psychological associates to join our dedicated team of eating disorder specialist therapists. If you are a prelicensed psychologist in the Los Angeles area and are interested in working for us and receiving training to become an eating disorder specialist, please send a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and interest and your CV to

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