College Process Group

We are excited to offer an eating disorder college process group. We know how hard it is to be a college student with an eating disorder.

Beginning January 2024 over Zoom.

You’re away at school and want to begin your adult life. But you are dealing with an eating disorder and it takes up brain space. You can’t fully engage with your peers. At meals you worry about what to eat and whether you are eating too much or the right things. You worry about your appearance and how others perceive you. You desperately want to get better and move on in your life. But everywhere you turn there are messages on campus that reinforce your eating disorder thoughts. You feel isolated and alone and wish there were others who could understand.

Among a group of fellow college students, you will get the support you need to feel less alone. Group members will support each other with connection and accountability.

EDTLA’s Eating Disorder Process GroupEating Disorder College Process Group for college students in California [Image description: photo image of Kristine Flanigan and full details about the group: "Currently Enrolling! Secure your spot for EDTLA's virtual eating disorder recovery process group for college students in California. 6-7 pm every Tuesday, $60 per session. We accept Anthem, Aetna, Carelon, and Anthem Medi-Cal. Led by Kristine Flanigan, Psy.D., Supervised by Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D. PSY15045 Register now Email for inquiries"]

This group is a safe space to discuss the struggles of recovery and college life and to receive mutual support. This group is supplemental support and is not a replacement for higher levels of care.

Group Schedule

Tuesdays at 6 pm.

Eligibility for College Process Group

This group is open to all college students in California who are looking for eating disorder recovery support.

Insurances Accepted

Anthem, Aetna, Carelon, Anthem Medi-Cal

Out of Network Price

$60 per session

Commitment to Group

We ask for a one-month commitment to facilitate group cohesion. The group will enroll new members at the beginning of each month if space is available. Register for one month at a time. We require a $100 deposit to reserve your spot. This will be applied toward the balance for members paying privately and towards deductibles, copays, and no-shows for insurance clients. If insurance covers the full cost of the group, this deposit will be refunded once all sessions have been processed through insurance.

Group Therapist

The group is led by Kristine Flanigan, Psy.D., supervised by Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., PSY15045.

Join Our College Eating Disorder Process Group in California

Space is limited. We ask for a one-month commitment to facilitate group cohesion. Register for one month at a time. We require a $60 deposit to reserve your spot. Register on our Group Registration Page.

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