Recovery Record App

Since my first foray into using Recovery Record app several months ago, I was pleased to discover that it is now improved with an interface for clinicians to access their clients’ records which are linked through a  code that patients enter.   Self-monitoring by clients has never been easier.

Self-monitoring of food intake is a helpful eating disorder recovery tool and a central element of treatment in cognitive behavioral therapy.  Research shows that self-monitoring is associated with a positive treatment outcome.  Many of my clients complain about having to carry unwieldy and obtrusive papers to record their intake.  A few have searched for iPhone apps and unfortunately chosen calorie-counter apps that only increase their preoccupation and eating disordered symptoms.  Now there is a better solution, an app called Recovery Record.  Available through the app store, Recovery Record was developed by an Australian student along with Stanford University.  It offers places to record food intake as well as thoughts, feelings, binges, purges, and urges.  There are supportive messages and reminders are sent if a meal is not logged when expected.  There is no affiliated calorie database.

To read more:  visit Recovery Record


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