May 2019 Eating Disorder SIG event

Jonna Fries, Ph.D.Date: Thursday, June 6, 7:30 pm

Presenter: Jonna Fries, Psy.D. 

Title: Eating Disorders in Gender and Sexual Minorities


Hegemonic masculinity, the dominant culture’s feminine and masculine ideals, homonegativity, and transnegativity collude to create a hostile environment toward those identifying as anything other than cisgender and heterosexual. This stigma makes its way through the minds of those identifying as LGBTQIA and manifests in some functional (advocacy, community building, pride, etc.) and some dysfunctional patterns, including manifesting as body image distress and EDs.

This presentation and interactive dialogue will focus on research, theory, and interventions for gender and sexual minorities with eating disorders.

Bio: Jonna Fries, Psy.D. is a psychologist with a clinical focus on diversity, trauma, and eating disorders. She is the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Cal State LA, adjunct faculty for The Chicago of Professional Psychology’s forensic psychology program, is an EMDR certified therapist, Approved Consultant, and Facilitator, an Integrative Body Psychotherapy Instructor, she co-facilitates iaedp’s bi-monthly consultation group, and has a private practice in the Mid-Wilshire area. Her co-edited book, Eating disorders in special populations: Medical, nutritional, and psychological treatments was published in 2018.   

Location: The office of Dr. Lauren Muhlheim (4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 245, Los Angeles) – free parking in the lot (enter on Highland) or street parking


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February 2018 LACPA Eating Disorder SIG

Jeffrey Hunger, Ph.D.Date: Wednesday, February 20th at 7:30 pm

Presenter: Jeffrey Hunger, PhD 

Title: Weight Stigma and Disordered Eating: A Multi-Method Approach

Description: We present multi-method evidence underscoring the role of weight stigma in disordered eating cognitions and unhealthy weight control behaviors. In Study 1, experienced weight stigma was associated with indices of disordered eating (e.g., dietary restraint, shape concerns), and this was mediated by greater anticipated stigma. In Study 2, participants were randomly assigned to imagine an experience with weight-based mistreatment or a control experience. Individuals who imagined a weight-stigmatizing experience, compared to those in the control condition, reported greater anticipated weight stigma, which predicted greater willingness to engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors (e.g., purging) and higher state disordered eating symptoms (e.g., drive for thinness). Study 3 employed a longitudinal design, finding that weight labeling predicts increases in disordered eating symptoms and unhealthy weight control behaviors over a four-year period. These results are discussed within a broader framework that conceptualizes weight stigma as an important contributor to disordered eating behaviors.

Bio: Jeffrey Hunger, PhD, is a postdoctoral scholar in Health Psychology at UCLA. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, master’s degree in psychological research from CSU Fullerton, and PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences from UC Santa Barbara. As a social and health psychologist, Dr. Hunger is interested in using insights from psychology to understand and ultimately improve the health of stigmatized groups (e.g., higher bodyweight individuals, racial and sexual minorities). Dr. Hunger’s research is published in top outlets across psychology, public health, and medicine, and has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, NPR, and more. To learn more about his work, please visit

Location: The office of Dr. Lauren Muhlheim (4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 245, Los Angeles) – free parking in the lot (enter on Highland) or street parking

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SIG meetings are open to all LACPA members. Nonmembers wishing to attend may join LACPA by visiting our website