Are You Ready for Eating Disorder Counseling?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting help for a while but haven’t known where to look. Or perhaps someone has recently confronted you about your eating and you’re feeling pressured to get help now. Or maybe your problems have recently begun to feel worse.

Even so, you’re still not sure it’s the right time. It’s common to feel like you’re not ready for eating disorder therapy.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to be “sick enough” to receive treatment.Therapy for Eating Disorders in Los Angeles, CA [Image description: two adult women sitting in chairs depicting a potential bulimia therapy client in treatment for eating disorders in Los Angeles, California]

Many people with eating disorders struggle to believe their problems are bad enough to warrant help. If this applies to you, we encourage you to reach out now. You do not have to hit rock bottom or qualify for a certain level of severity. In fact, if your symptoms are mild you may recover faster. Early intervention can prevent years of suffering and can often be cost-effective.

Can You Commit to Regular Attendance?

A central feature of outpatient therapy for eating disorders is establishing and maintaining therapeutic momentum. This usually requires weekly sessions at the outset. It is best to commit to regular attendance for the first six weeks. If you have an immediate vacation pre-planned or similar upcoming conflict that will impact attendance, you might want to delay the start of treatment.

You may also want to think about whether you have time to devote to both weekly appointments and the completion of homework, such as keeping logs and reading assignments. Outpatient therapy requires an investment of time and effort. If you are entering your most intense work season or are dealing with time-limited stressors, this might not be the best time. Can you prioritize your own health by taking time off of work or offloading some of your other commitments?

How to Prepare for Eating Disorder Therapy

Are you ready to begin eating disorder therapy [Image description: a man wearing a purple sweatshirt is looking at his calendar on a wall] Represents a person beginning eating disorder therapy in California
There is not much that you need to do to prepare. It can be helpful to gather a list of any previous mental health treatments and any previous medications to share with your therapist. Make some notes about your symptoms and any questions you have for your therapist. Think about whether you can enlist any support in your life as you start this work. We recommend, when possible, trying to reduce other obligations in order to create a recovery-focused environment.

Research the different treatment options available to people in your area or online in your state. If you have insurance, understand your health benefits and whether they will cover eating disorder counseling. Our therapists accept several different insurance plans which makes therapy more affordable.

Not all therapists are trained to treat eating disorders. Look for therapists who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders as we do. Ask prospective therapists about their treatment methods and training and how they have helped people like you.

Ensure You Are Stable for Outpatient Psychotherapy

Medical complications are common in people with eating disorders. To ensure you are stable for individual outpatient psychotherapy, it can be helpful to have an examination with a medical professional. Some people with eating disorders will benefit from starting their recovery journey at the higher levels of care, such as a residential treatment center (RTC) partial hospitalization program (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP). These programs provide more hours of therapy and dietary counseling as well as meal support.

Medically Stable for Outpatient Eating Disorder Psychotherapy in Los Angeles [Image description: photo of a purple doctors bag and blood pressure cuff] Represents a doctor medically screening a potential patient with an eating disorder in California

Help For Your Eating Disorder is Available

Eating disorder counseling can be effective for many people. You do not have to continue to suffer from your eating disorder symptoms. Therapy can help you develop better relationships with food, your body, and others. Our caring eating disorder therapists can help.

Begin Eating Disorder Therapy in California Now

Contact Eating Disorder Therapy LA to get connected to one of our therapists and begin the recovery journey.

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