Eating and Body Image Therapy Group for Men

Eating and Body Image Therapy Group for Men

We are excited to announce our Eating and Body Image Therapy Group for men beginning in September 2022 over Zoom.

This group is for men who are looking for a supportive space to discuss issues around body and eating and/or are looking to add group therapy to their eating disorder recovery. If you are tired of pursuing thinness/fitness, have struggled with disordered eating, and are interested in divesting from diet culture, this group is for you. Through connection, we will explore diet culture and the pressures on males to have a perfect body. We will work to heal your relationship with your body and will learn about non-diet approaches to health.

While eating disorders are often commonly believed to almost primarily affect females, eating disorders have been recognized as affecting males too–and as far back as 1689 when one of the first noted cases was of a male patient. Approximately 25% of the individuals with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are male. We recognize that males with eating disorders have different experiences and need their own space. Males with eating disorders may experience different symptoms including greater muscularity concerns and have a greater risk of suicidality. They may experience stigma for being seen to have what is commonly believed to be a female disorder and often are not diagnosed until later in their illness.

Group Details

The group will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm over Zoom and is open to anyone ages 18 and up who identifies as male and is located in the state of California. This group is for you if you are looking for a supportive environment to discuss issues surrounding body image and eating and what it is like to be male in our culture.


The group is led by Jonathan Dang, LMFT, who is passionate about supporting males with eating and body issues. Jonathan is currently pursuing certification as an eating disorder specialist. To register email and put “Male Group” in the subject line.


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