Teen Eating Disorder Recovery Group


Online Teen Eating Disorder Recovery Group for Teens in CaliforniaAs we have written elsewhere, we believe Family-Based Treatment (FBT) is a complete treatment for teens with eating disorders. Most teens will not need (or want) additional therapy. The one area where we think teens could use a little more support is in developing a strong anti-diet stance to stand up to weight stigma in our fat-phobic society. Teens who are in family-based treatment may also not have any interaction with peers who are also working towards recovery. Community in recovery can be a powerful support if teens are motivated and working together.

To fill these potential gaps in FBT we have developed a group to supplement FBT and help put a strong anti-diet finish on the treatment. This group is for teens of all genders in California, ages 13 to 18, who are in Phase 2 of FBT and are weight-recovered and abstinent from eating disorder behaviors. Teens who are not in treatment with us, but who show similar signs of recovery will be assessed for readiness for our group.

The group is 6 weeks and is held on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:45. The group aims to help teens in recovery develop connections and build a strong anti-diet HAES (R) stance. In this six-week online group, we will explore how to bolster recovery through flexible eating and strengthening coping skills. Members will be able to share and connect through discussion, advocacy, and art while developing strategies to promote empowerment and body acceptance.

Feedback from participants has been positive. Teens have shared that it has been helpful to connect with other teens who have shared the same struggles and support each other in standing up to diet culture. They have also found the educational component helpful and takeaway strategies to continue to support their recovery.

The group is led by Lousiana Wermer, AMFT, supervised by Carolyn Comas, LCSW, who has a lot of experience with this population. Space is limited. This group is offered several times a year.

Pricing: $360 for 6 weeks. Or in-network for teens with Anthem, Aetna, Anthem medi-Cal, and Beacon Partners health insurance

To register or for more information, email Hello@EDTLA.com and put “teen group” in the subject line.


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