Meal Support Group

Eating With the Externs

Our Low-Fee Meal Support Group is open to adults in any location. This group is NOT a therapy group. This group provides a low-key virtual space to have a meal or snack with the support and accountability of others.

Our meal support group is led by our wonderful graduate student externs. The externs are advanced doctoral students in clinical psychology. Our externs spend 10 months training with Dr. Muhlheim and other staff and receive weekly individual and group supervision.HAES, Body Diversity, Joyful Eating in Eating Disorder Recovery [Image description: drawing of 4 body diverse people eating hamburgers] Represent possible clients for eating disorder counseling in Los Angeles, California

We know that meal support can be essential to recovery. Our virtual meal support group is for you if you are battling an eating disorder or disordered eating and need extra support during meals. Our group is open to those who would like a supportive, recovery minded-space to connect with others while eating a meal or a snack.

This is not treatment. You set your own intention. We do not police you. We provide conversation and games to keep it lighthearted and supportive. Our space is inclusive, ARFID-friendly, and HAES-aligned.

Our meal support group meets Wednesdays at 9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern.

$10 for the month; come as many times as you like.

Register for any month on the group registration page of our website.

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