College, COVID, and Eating Disorders: What You Need to Know

College, COVID, and Eating Disorders [Image description: woman with mask in front of computer] represents a potential college student with an eating disorder having online therapy in California

As I’ve talked about in depth, the transition to college away from home is challenging for most young adults. It is especially fraught for young adults with eating disorders. In that article, I provided an Eating Disorder College Readiness Checklist. The article provides guidance for parents of students entering college after a history of an …

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Coping With Anxiety During Anxious Times

Anxiety During Anxious Times in Los Angeles, California [Image description: image of the back of a person looking at a calm body of water] Represents a person getting counseling for anxiety in Los Angeles, California

by Carolyn Comas, LCSW, CEDS-S With the global COVID-19 pandemic shutting down not only towns and states but entire countries, our world has entered into an abnormal time. The lives of everyone have been interrupted and disrupted by a virus that can have devastating effects. During this time many people are reporting feeling levels of …

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Online Family-Based Treatment

Online Family-Based Treatment or Video FBT Therapy in Los Angeles, California [Image description: drawing of a teen and her parents in front of a computer screen] Represents a potential teen with an eating disorder and her family receiving online FBT in California

Online Family-Based Treatment (FBT) is an excellent option for busy families. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our therapists were delivering FBT by telehealth. We continue to do so. Read on to learn why this is such an amazing potential treatment for your family. What is Family-Based Treatment? Family-Based Treatment (FBT) has emerged as a …

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