Say Cheese! How to Be in And Celebrate Photos

How to Be in And Celebrate Photos

In today’s digital age, photos of ourselves are everywhere. For many people with eating disorders and body image issues, they can be a source of distress. Do you avoid photos? Do you refuse to let people take or post photos of you? Do you hide in the back when asked to be in a group …

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Curate Your Feed with Diverse Body Positive Accounts on Instagram

by SJ Thompson Belmonte, Resilient Fat Goddex and Lauren Muhlheim, Eating Disorder Therapy LA “Body positivity can’t be just about thin, straight, cisgendered, white women who became comfortable with an additional ten pounds on their frame.” —Stacey Rosenfeld, Ph.D., Shape magazine (July, 2018). Eating disorders are about so much more than body image, but the …

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